Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock 3.3
Management of livestock in registered establishments

3.8.1 - Animal records must be kept by the registered establishment occupier, from the time of unloading of livestock at the registered establishment to their loading for transport to the port of disembarkation, and retained for at least 2 years after the date of export. These must include:
An amendment to this standard will come into force on 29 August 2024.

  1. the animal's identification in accordance with state and territory and NLIS requirements including:
    1. all management procedures relevant to export preparation, such as disease testing, pregnancy testing and shearing, and date(s) undertaken; and
    2. all veterinary medicines and agricultural chemicals used to vaccinate, treat or otherwise prepare the animal (including species, treatment date(s), trade name or active ingredient, batch number and if used according to manufacturer's directions. If not used according to manufacturer's directions, the dose administered is to be included); and
  2. daily inspections by competent stock handlers of livestock health, welfare and appropriateness for export; and
  3. any mortality, sickness, injury or other sign consistent with the rejection criteria found, and actions taken to identify and remove any rejected livestock from the consignment, including handling, care, treatment, euthanasia and/or disposal; and
  4. all other information required to demonstrate compliance with relevant ASEL standards.

3.8.2 - Veterinary medicines, chemicals and equipment must be stored and used according to any applicable veterinary directions and/or manufacturers' recommendations.

3.8.3 - A mortality report for each consignment at the registered establishment must be provided by the registered establishment occupier to the department within 5 days of departure of the last animal in the consignment from the registered establishment. The report must be in the form provided on the department's website and include all information required in the form.