Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock 3.3
Management of livestock in registered establishments

3.6.1 - The feed trough allowance for goats held in paddocks at the registered establishment is to be calculated on a paddock-by-paddock basis and must be:

  1. for ration feeding, no less than 5cm of feed trough width per head; or
  2. for ad libitum feeding, no less than 3cm of feed trough width per head.

3.6.2 - For areas of Australia south of latitude 26°S from 1 May to 31 October (inclusive), feeding must occur from fully sheltered feed troughs.

3.6.3 - Goats must be fed daily suitable feed of:

  1. at least 3% of their bodyweight for goats younger than 4 tooth; and
  2. at least 2% of their bodyweight for 4 tooth or older; and
  3. a quality able to meet daily maintenance requirements.

3.6.4 - The minimum length of time that goats must remain in a registered establishment prior to departure for the port is 5 clear days. For any clear day on which animals are subject to a feed or water curfew, an additional clear day is required. During at least the 3 clear days prior to export, goats are to be fed ad libitum on a ration equivalent in both form and composition to that which is to be used on the voyage.
An amendment to this standard will come into force on 29 August 2024.

3.6.5 - Goats at the registered establishment must be penned in accordance with these space allocations:

  1. for goats held for less than 10 days, a minimum of 0.33m2 each which must be increased by 0.006m2 for each 1kg above 54kg liveweight; or
  2. for goats held for 10 days or more, a minimum of 0.5m2 each which must be increased by 0.006m2 for each 1kg above 54kg liveweight.